Memories of Green Readings 2012 (Barbados)

GREEN Readings is a fabulous poetic collaboration of ArtsEtc, a quality independent Barbadian publisher, and the Barbados Government, marrying a respect for nature and top notch literary arts.  In this video, enough snippets are captured to entice you to attend GR13.  Readings are generally held in June.

GREEN Readings began in 2008 when the Ministry of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage (formerly Family, Youth, Sports & Environment) asked ArtsEtc to conceive a literary event that could be used to help raise environmental awareness in Barbados.

In celebration of 5 years, GR12 (Click on link to see news at AE blog) launched an anthology entitled, “Green Readings: Barbados, The First Five Years [2008-2012]”.

The  annual series of open-air readings around the island, are FREE. Add a sprinkling of music, visual art and food, and you have an evening NOT to be missed.

For more information, contact Linda Deane or Robert Sandiford of ArtsEtc. at the ArtsEtc website, blog or Facebook page.

Seawoman’s 2 cents: I’m proud to be a part of this stellar project and to have my work included. 🙂

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