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36 comments on “Seawoman’s Guestbook
  1. Good write-up. I absolutely appreciate this
    website. Continue the good work!

  2. okechukwu nwaoji says:

    thanks for creating an opportunity for me. i really appreciate it.

  3. David Winters says:

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  4. Todd says:

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  5. Calogero says:

    I am really loving this site.
    Caribbean Writers are a recent discovery for me, I’ve been introduced to the subject by a friend, and I’m starting to dig the web to read more about this world completely new to me.
    Just following the links and the blogroll you provide here I’m finding lots of interesting stuff.

    Keep up the great work, congratulation on your site.
    (And sorry for my english, I’m not a native speaker and I do lots of mistakes 🙂 )

    • seawoman says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your English is really coming along – everything takes practice. 🙂 Where are you from?
      I also highly recommend Caribbean Literary Salon.

  6. Mminaww says:

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  7. Joanne says:

    Did I tell you lately how much you rock!
    Keep up the good work with this site.

  8. Cialis says:

    PGCm53 Thank you for the material. Do you mind if I posted it in her blog, of course, with reference to your site?

  9. bandsxbands says:

    Just testing out my R4 browser… Nice site, btw!

    (Posted using R4i i NDS running R4 DS NetPost)

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    • seawoman says:

      Sorry for the overdue response!! Had alot happening offline.
      Thanks so much for your kind comments.
      There were some basic formats but I did it myself. Also knowing a little HTML is helpful. The most important thing is to be clear about what you want to communicate and make it uncluttered and easy to read.
      Please come back.

  11. Zhana says:

    Hi. Thought you would like to know that I am updating my list of writers’ resources, and of course your site is on it. (It’s on the links page.)

    Have a great day!

  12. Ineriebumbnum says:

    friend has given the link has not regretted that has come

  13. Shwayze says:

    Hey I am new to the forum, well I have been lurking for a while. Well I will go first mine is Day 26Rick Ross.

  14. visitorhello says:

    Don’t mine me, just visiting


  15. cedarstreetwriter says:


    I have been following you since discovery of your site and I have you on my site so others might enjoy the many post that may be relevant to them or their writing. Keep up the great work.

    Annie O.

  16. seawoman says:


    Click below for a good response to “Getting Paid for Surveys”

    Check out this article. It seems they might NOT be worth your time after all!

  17. seawoman says:

    Dear All:

    Thx for continuing to offer up your encouragement and feedback!

    TO LOLO:

    Thx for the luv and the wonderful comments, hear? As for the “hypa” you’re looking for, I understand EXACTLY what you mean. However, what YOU have in mind is the site for SEAWOMAN THE ARTIST. That will have music, bells and whistles and ting. People will be able to see and hear BEAUTY OF THE BALD HEAD.

    This is NOT it. This site’s purpose is more focused on the business of being an international and in particular, Caribbean writer.

    Thank you again, my sista.


    Thanks for your question and for dropping by. Good question but I haven’t come across any as yet. You might be interested though in AGLOCO.COM. There’s alot of information about it on the Net. Please feel free to email me by going to the CONTACT ME page.

    BTW How did you find Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing Opps? Where are you from?


  18. kellybbelly says:

    hey all, I was just wondering if those get paid to answer surveys sites are legit or not. any have experience? please share, thanks

  19. LoLo says:

    Hi Seawoman:

    You have great talent and the site is magical.. Excellent — however, it does not really give me that HyPa- waiting to Exhail anticipation that I expected from A woman who has so much to give — so come on woman sho me de real stuff .. bring it on!!! Looking fuh mooooo.. Anyway continue to excel.. I know it real hard to get where you are and to be recognised especially among our own.. but continue to trust in God He has something BIG planned for U.

  20. Jennifer says:

    This is a great tutorial thanks!u

  21. Sarah V says:

    SandraSeawoman you are truly a marvel!
    I’ve just started looking around the site — thought I’d just take a peek — and am engrossed. At least I’m not engorged!

    You deserve a prize.

    Sarah V

  22. seawoman says:

    “I’m impressed by the obvious thought and hardwork that went into this website – it certainly is extensive and a must-visit for all Caribbean writers. I would have preferred the site’s colours to represent yr vibrant personality. Great work great success”

    Thank you Angela!

  23. faridah H says:

    EXCELLENT very well done .It is simply done but very elegant and professional

    I LOVE IT!

    you are a creative being very in tune with the higher source.

  24. HelloWorld says:

    Peace people

    We love you

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