International Copyright Registration Service -CPS (A SHAM!)

I had posted this before in June 2008 (noting there were fees), but with more digging confirmed by B-COPY’s mentor Access Copyright (Canada), I have been informed it’s a SHAM!!! Don’t do it!  SAVE YOUR $$ and see below:

USE YOUR OFFICIAL Government Intellectual Property Office for reference or Reproduction Rights Organization or Main Library (like US Library of Congress) for Reference.  See IFRRO’s list of recognized RROs.

The Copyright Registration Service claiming you register the copyright of your works online. NOPE

It looks VERY convincing (fooled me into posting it HERE!) but as I learned more about RROs, I realized I didn’t see anything related to WIPO or IFRRO.  I also found it difficult to find an address, contact or telephone number.  When I tried to find it in the Acronym Finder or even Google, no luck.

Please let me know if you dealt with them AT ALL!

For more on Avoiding Writing Scams, read my “Let The Writer Beware“, published on Caribbean Literary Salon.


Writer Bay – Read this piece to see how they rope you in.  They use LinkedIn quite a bit.

Before you buy anything online, might be handy.

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