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A sunny welcome to Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing! As you can see from my photo, something is (still) up – will let you know what soon.

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If you’re new, I hope you find plenty that’s useful. If you’re one of my faithful (and patient) followers, I HAVE been away for a bit. Yes, partially due to #COVID19 but much more. Nevertheless, I am so blessed you are still here. Stay tuned for even more exciting activity as we turn this crazy 2020.2 around.

However, everything’s still here, where you’ll still find the same great stuff: publishing opps and more substantial posts occasionally like:

NB, Continue to bear with me in my (never-ending) tweaking.  But while doing that, I’m discovering how this special space, where everything started in April 2007, is still quite relevant.

Others over the years have found it quite useful. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

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