World Poetry Day 2021

by Sandra Sealy

World Poetry Day 2021 – “How #Poetry Impacts Our Society & Economy”

**Post World Poetry Day – Video Link For Session Available HERE!

#WorldPoetryDay2021 as declared by UNESCO is this Sunday, March 21st. Imagine that Caribbean Writers, the official Facebook presence for this blog – is more than thriving. It’s truly its own entity. I thought, for the members of this amazing online fam I founded in 2007, it was time to step up.

Because of the generosity of the University of the West Indies – Sagicor Cave Hill School Of Business, we were able to open it to ALL #poets and #culture aficionados to attend. So, I am collaborating with Barbados Creative Economy Network and the Cave Hill School of Busness to make this happen. I am also the Moderator for this forum entitled “The Impact of Poetry On Our Society & Economy” on #WorldPoetryDay2021.

Sunday 21st March 2021 | 2:00 pm AST | via ZOOM on Facebook LIVE
To register:
For more details:

We also felt it was necessary to dedicate this to our beloved Kamau Brathwaite who left an incredible literary legacy
for his country Barbados, the Caribbean and way beyond. The best way really was to include dynamic poets who will either respond to or share from the griot’s work. PHOTO: Global Voices

That’s where poets & authors – whether talented and emerging like Lashawna Griffith or riveting and established like Winston “i.Farrell” – come in.

I want to thank EVERYONE involved like Lynette Eastmond of The Barbados Creative Economy Network with whom I worked closely. As Lynette shared on her group’s page, 2021 was recognized as the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. With this in mind we believed that it would be more meaningful for writers to have access to useful information with a fresh perspective on monetizing their craft rather than only celebrate with poetry performances.

Especially with such a short timeline, our generous partner leading economist Prof. Justin Robinson & his team at the Sagicor Cave Hill School Of Business – University of the West Indies was invaluable.


Then for graciously agreeing to present, legendary singer/ songwriter and calypsonian, Dr. Anthony “The Mighty Gabby” Carter. That will be amazing for sure.

Look at where being a #wordnerd led me. Wow.

Register, learn more at the SCHSB page and let’s make this an engaging session leading somewhere for our poets.

Poster Designed by: Sharice Blackett

© 2021 Sandra Sealy

*Passionate poet Sandra Sealy is Principal Consultant & Writer for Seawoman Creative Media, a blogger, an award-winning literary artist and the author of Chronicles Of A Seawoman: A Collection Of Poems. She is Founder of Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing and Caribbean Writers on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “World Poetry Day 2021

    1. La Shawna,
      So GLAD you like it! Thanks for leaving feedback here. 🙂
      You are awesome for agreeing to be in our line up. Know you’ll receive blessings back and more opps! This is a fine way to build on your artistic credits. Thank you also for your longstanding support of Caribbean Writers and your patience as well. I hope that you do see this as a way to grow and to tangibly help our Caribbean Writers group get to the next level.

      Founder – Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing

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