SCTP: S01E03 “It’s My Blogaversary Episode” and Andrea Lo, Global Writer PT2

Tune in to the podcast with host, Sandra Sealy for the third episode NOW!

“Tools, news and interviews about and for writers of the Caribbean and beyond”  Award-winning Caribbean writer Sandra Sealy, takes her blog Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing to its next iteration, Seawoman Chronicles - The Podcast. The host and spoken-word artist is Founder of Caribbean Writers on Facebook (1,850+ global members from 45+ countries). 

It’s the 3rd episode where Sandra raises her cup to year 14 of this blog on April 10th. And EXCLUSIVE for you ONLY on the blog, HEAR Sandra celebrating in this audio clip below. 🙂

With some deadlines to meet and the craziness of La Soufriere volcano in St. Vincent & The Grenadines – even affecting Barbados (were on lockdown for days with all of the ash), didn’t have much of a celebration except via the #podcast but here we are!

AND in the Writing World Roundup…will give you a hint. Think excellent literary festival. Want deets? Go listen. You just MIGHT also hear YOUR name or that of someone you recognize. 

HEAR this clip of S01E03 above by Andrea Lo, global writer on language – Hong Kong v. Barbados- available as a vid tease on both and the Seawoman YouTube Channel

Guest Spotlight – PART II – Globetrotting, freelance journalist & translator from Hong Kong – Andrea Lo expands on her observations on work in #Barbados during #COVID19. Her numerous credits include “CNN International”, “Hong Kong Tatler”, “Macau Magazine”, “Huffington Post” and “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown”. Follow Andrea on Twitter.

In addition, Andrea shares more re: freelance #journalism plus she and Sandra discuss comparisons between Hong Kong & Barbados as well as the issue of #streetharassment. Follow Andrea on Twitter

Featured Opp link is The Capilano Review (CDA) – one of the first opps on this blog and a paying market!

Enjoy quotes from Sandra’s quotes page.

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