Senseisha: Memoirs Of The Caribbean Woman (Barbados)

Sen-sei-sha [sen- say-shuh] n.

 1. a sensual Empress
2. a woman of wisdom
3. a woman in control of her sensuality
Origin: 2013, island of Barbados,  <Latin equivalent to sēnsu, stem of sēnsus>

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Senseisha: Memoirs of A Caribbean Woman  is a groundbreaking anthology seeking creative, non-fiction stories embracing the Caribbean female sexual experience.  It is a collaboration of getWrite! and The Ev-O!-lution.  Editors are looking for the following themes:

  • Virginity/ First Time Experiences
  • Coming Out Stories
  • Love And Intimacy
  • Overcoming Abuse
  • Embracing The Taboo


  • Authors must be at least eighteen years old to submit to the anthology.
  • The anthology is open to women of Caribbean origins, whether they reside in the Caribbean or elsewhere.
  • Only one submission of original, unpublished non-fiction story/memoir (1200 – 3000 words) will be accepted from a single author. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but editors should be notified immediately if a submission is accepted elsewhere.
  •  Selected submissions will be used in public promotions and readings of the anthology.
  •  Since sexuality is a controversial topic,  writers reserve the right to remain anonymous and may use a pseudonym if they wish.

SENSEISHA PHILOSOPHY A MUST-READ: Perfectly encapsulated in blog post  HERE by Senseisha-nul Caribbean MAN & getWrite! Administrator, Hadlee “The Essenstualist” Sobers.

DEADLINE: May 31st 2013 or until anthology is full.

FORMAT: Letter size MS Word document/ double-spaced with a 1″ margin with title on each page/ 12 point Arial Font

FEE: No fee paid but contributors will receive an e-copy of the anthology

RIGHTS: Authors will retain copyright of their work. Senseisha reserves the exclusive right to publish the story first in the online anthology, and first option to print in North America, the Caribbean and Europe in a serial publication.

SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: including in the subject header ‘Senseisha – Theme – Title of Story – Your Name/Pseudonym”

Full Terms & Conditions click HERE.

FAQs click HERE.

The Publishers, Shakirah Bourne of getWrite!.com and Juliette Maughn of Ev-o-lution indicated they will be launching the anthology in 2013.

Seawoman’s 2 cents:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  -You MUST watch the brief but tantalizing promo available on Youtube above which is sure to spark you. The Publishers are responsive and organized.  Senseisha is more than an anthology; it is becoming a movement empowering Caribbean women. **Proud to have my essay entitled ‘Dessert After The Dessert’ published here. 🙂

**NEW – See my BIG ROCK TALES comic installation at getWrite! entitled “Senseisha-nalism” 🙂

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