World Poetry Day 2021

by Sandra Sealy **Post World Poetry Day – Video Link For Session Available HERE! #WorldPoetryDay2021 as declared by UNESCO is this Sunday, March 21st. Imagine that Caribbean Writers, the official Facebook presence for this blog – is more than thriving. It’s truly its own entity. I thought, for the members of this amazing online fam I […]

Caribbean Writers Salon (online group)

Caribbean Literary Salon created and moderated by Anouska Kock of Aruba, “is a network for people who enjoy books about the Caribbean and works by Caribbean authors. It is a place to discuss the West Indian literary field, share stories, news, insights, to connect and make friends.” As a member of Caribbean Literary Salon, you […]

Kalamu’s e-drum

Kalamu’s e-drum is a listserv providing information of interests to black writers and diverse supporters worldwide. e-drum is moderated by Kalamu ya Salaam. Go there to sign up for free, post your link(s) and/or events to a world wide audience. **NB. Kalamu’s e-drum @ used to be Kalamu ‘s ***Highly recommended. Seawoman’s note: […]

Caribbean Poets

Caribbean Poets (an online group) is “a serious minded group of published and unpublished writers who love poetry and write poetry. Vote on your favorite poem or poet by posting messages with the group;  also create polls and share your views.  Notices can be received from the group in individual posts or in a digest.  […]

VOICES: Barbados Writers’ Collective

VOICES: Barbados Writers’ Collective (my literary home but now defunct unfortunately) emerged out of a group of Barbadian writers sharing their work at a little cafe in Dalkeith Road, to celebrate Barbados’ anniversary of Independence. It became one of the 1st forums where writers were paid to be featured. Founder (the right irie) Nailah Folami […]