IFRRO and Getting $$ from Copyrighting Your Work

The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organization (IFRRO) seeks to protect your work as a creator – whether as a publisher, writer, photographer, visual or graphic artist. As long as your work has been published – (not necessarily as a body of work, even just included in a publication – newspaper, magazine, journal, ezine etc.) […]

International Copyright Registration Service -CPS (A SHAM!)

I had posted this before in June 2008 (noting there were fees), but with more digging confirmed by B-COPY’s mentor Access Copyright (Canada), I have been informed it’s a SHAM!!! Don’t do it!  SAVE YOUR $$ and see below: USE YOUR OFFICIAL Government Intellectual Property Office for reference or Reproduction Rights Organization or Main Library […]

Charge For Your Writing and Editing Services

This is NOT an exact science but beyond research, I highly recommend touching base with other writers from your community.  Think about your expenses, your time, rights you will be selling and, what YOU bring to the table as far as experience and the amount of research you will be doing.  Give some thought too as to […]