Bim Lit Fest 2014 Programme

 BIM LITERARY FESTIVAL & BOOK FAIR 15-17 MAY, 2014  PROGRAMME   THEME – CROSSINGS: BREAKING BORDERS Venue: Festival Tent, Independence Square (unless otherwise stated) Thursday       7.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.   Opening Ceremony: Walcott-Warner Theatre, The May 15 Errol Barrow Centre, UWI, Cave Hill Campus. Madre of Ceremony: Icil Phillips Friday May 16   10.00 a.m. […]

Epicure & Culture (online)

Epicure & Culture is an online magazine with the goal of helping people explore the world through food, drink, people and culture. They seek contributions from freelance food, culture and travel writers. Contributors whose pitches are accepted as will receive a link back to their website, social media promotion of the article and the potential to be […]

ZiNG: Liat’s Inflight Magazine (UK)

ZiNG (published out of the UK four times a year), is the in-flight magazine for LIAT, the Caribbean Airline.  Its mission is primarily to entertain passengers while they are on LIAT flights, but it seeks to do so well enough that customers will take it home and share it with friends. ZiNG seeks to convey the […]

Outlish Magazine (Cbean ezine) is “a Caribbean, online, weekly, lifestyle magazine that is written for, by, and about Caribbean people in their 20s to mid 40s, based regionally and abroad. We religiously publish original content every Monday.” Its roots are in Trinidad but they are open to work from regional writers. They seek regular contributors but are prepared […]

Good Housekeeping (US)

Good Housekeeping Magazine has a wide readership and a solid reputation.  The magazine targets women married with children (anywhere from newborn to college age, but predominantly in the 6-12 age group) and who work outside the home. NB. Submissions are to be mailed. Recommend emailing query first. Payment: Rate not stated but they do pay […]

St. Somewhere Annual Literary Contest

St. Somewhere Journal, a premier Caribbean literary ezine,  has launched a new annual contest in June 2010, “to encourage and reward talented writers.” There will be  three annual prizes to  contributors.  The Editor advises, “This is not a contest in the traditional manner practiced by many literary journals and magazines. There are no special entry guidelines or […]

Caribbean Properties & Lifestyles (ezine)

Caribbean Properties and Lifestyles Magazine (started in 1996) is currently an online magazine and perhaps in the future again, as a hard copy. The publication is “constantly on the lookout for new articles on Caribbean Real Estate, Living in the Caribbean, Investing in the Caribbean, Traveling in the Caribbean and other Caribbean Lifestyle subjects; and […]

OCEAN Magazine (US)

OCEAN WRITING/ PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST There is also a seasonal Writing Contest (next deadline JUNE 1st 2010) and Photography Contest.  Kindly note that a US$5.00 fee is applicable. ———————- OCEAN Magazine “publishes stories, articles, essays, and poems about the ocean –– scientific, creative, environmental, recreational, spiritual –– in keeping with its celebration and protection of our ocean.”   They […]

Eating Well Magazine (US)

Eating Well Magazine is a “food magazine that focuses exclusively on eating healthfully (motto: “Where Good Taste Meets Good Health”). It is “the preeminent magazine resource for people who want to enjoy food that is delicious and good for them.” The magazine seeks freelancers to satisfy content for various columns.

A and U Magazine:HIV (USA)

A&U Magazine is an American nonprofit HIV/AIDS magazine. We are interested in publishing original literature, art, opinion, and reportage relating in any way to the AIDS pandemic. With any submission, please include a brief personal biography (no longer than 25 words).  They secure first North American serial rights. The Editor advised me that they do […]

International Living

International Living Magazine‘s motto is “You can live better, for less, overseas”.  They aim to educate those who want to retire overseas in a tropical paradise   The magazine’s general themes are: retiring overseas, how to get the best deals when traveling, real estate bargains outside of the U.S., how to set up a business outside of the […]

Poetry Magazine (US)

Poetry is a literary magazine published by the Poetry Foundation, a US non-profit organization.  Founder Harriet Monroe in 1912 wanted “to print the best English verse which is being written today, regardless of where, by whom, or under what theory of art it is written. Nor will the magazine promise to limit its editorial comments to one set […]

Sky Writings Inflight Mag (Jamaica)

Sky Writings Inflight Magazine is “Air Jamaica’s bi-monthly in-flight magazine, aims to be a comprehensive travel and lifestyle magazine, giving unique insight to our readers—both Jamaican and Caribbean nationals and visitors.  [Their] mission is to give inside information about Jamaica and the other destinations served by the airline.” We publish a mix of articles and […]

Reader’s Digest (UK)

Reader’s Digest (UK) seeks true stories, not previously published and that shed light on adult human nature. -funny enough to stand out from the hundreds we get each week Pay is  £100 Life’s Like That or All in a Day’s Work. We also pay £60 for contributions to Laughter, the Best Medicine and end-of-article fillers […]