ZiNG: Liat’s Inflight Magazine (UK)

ZiNG (published out of the UK four times a year), is the in-flight magazine for LIAT, the Caribbean Airline.  Its mission is primarily to entertain passengers while they are on LIAT flights, but it seeks to do so well enough that customers will take it home and share it with friends. ZiNG seeks to convey the […]

Sky Writings Inflight Mag (Jamaica)

Sky Writings Inflight Magazine is “Air Jamaica’s bi-monthly in-flight magazine, aims to be a comprehensive travel and lifestyle magazine, giving unique insight to our readers—both Jamaican and Caribbean nationals and visitors.  [Their] mission is to give inside information about Jamaica and the other destinations served by the airline.” We publish a mix of articles and […]

Caribbean Beat, CRB AND Discover Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad)

Caribbean Beat (in flight), is one of the best and most enduring magazines capturing Caribbean Culture.  They ask that: “Contributors must be able to address a broad audience, and write insightfully and readably. We need lively, entertaining writing combined with a serious and informative approach to subject matter, and top-quality photos and illustrations. Caribbean Beat prefers to work with authors based […]