Carib Plus Lit News (early December 2019)

Originally posted on Wadadli Pen:
Interviews Caribbean Voices was a programme out of the BBC that helped either launch or popularize the artists who would come to be known as the vanguard or renaissance of Caribbean literature, the foundations of the 20th century Caribbean literary canon. And now we have a New Caribbean Voices podcast…

National Cultural Foundation Crop Over Calendar 2014

Crop Over, Barbados’ premier festival organized by the National Cultural Foundation, stands apart from the rest with the inclusion of ALL the Arts’ disciplines: visual art, photography, culinary arts, and of course, literary arts. Here’s a vid before some of the changes. **THIS year’s Crop Over READ IN on Sunday June 29th originally at Codrington College, […]

Literary Traveler mag (US)

Literary Traveler looks a publication finally marrying my interests of travel and the literary arts!  Really think there could be a big push with linking our tourism and the literary arts but…I’ll leave that as fodder for Seawoman’s Caribbean Blogspot! They are seeking “articles that capture the literary imagination. Is there an artist or writer […] (travel writing competition) invites you to enter its 2009 Narrative Travel Writing Contest with a $500 first-place prize. Professionals, freelancers and other talented travel writers are invited to write a travel narrative relating to the intrinsic educational aspects of meaningful travel. We are looking for evocative and engaging writing in which sensitive immersion in the country, the […]

Poetry Kanto (Japan)

Poetry Kanto publishes original, well-crafted poems (must read the sample poems). Submissions (5 poems & brief bio w/ cover letter) are welcome December through May, preferably by e-mail Word attachment. (No previously published poems or simultaneous submissions.) All translation must have prior permissions and be accompanied by the original poems.  Writers’ submission guidelines can be […]

She Said, She Said (anthology)

SHE SAID, SHE SAID: Selected Essays from Enlightened Eves to Clueless Adams is an anthology for women responding to emotional issues in their lives. All writers, seasoned or novice, are welcome. They ask for you to submit “In 2000-3000 words, respond to the essay prompt that speaks to you. What we’d especially like to see […]

Cricket Magazine (USA children’s mkt)

CRICKET is now published by Carus Publishing Company and is part of the Cricket Magazine Group that includes SPIDER® magazine, LADYBUG® magazine, and a selection of other fine literary and nonfiction magazines. CRICKET, for readers ages 9 to 14, publishes original stories, poems, and articles written by the world’s best authors for children and young adults. […]