2018 NIFCA Literary Arts Form (Barbados)

Time For NIFCA Literary Arts
Time For NIFCA Literary Arts – Barbados                         Design: Seawoman Creative Media | CC Image: canva.com

The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) Literary Arts 2018 forms are available!  This annual #artsfestival taking place in the last quarter of the year, is organized by the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados.

Entry Fee: NONE

DEADLINES: Early August to mid-September each year. 

Eligibility: Citizens and legal residents of Barbados.  Barbadians from around the WORLD may also enter NIFCA.

Prizes: Official certificates signed by the Prime Minister, an invitation to the Awards Ceremony (usually taking place in early December) and much more. Where applicable, cash, publishing and performance opportunities, scholarships and other incentive prizes are also available.

Literary Categories include:

  • Poetry
  • Plays/ Scripts (radio/ film/ tv/ One-act plays)
  • PROSE: Essays (ages 12+)
  • PROSE: Fiction (novel/ flash fiction/ children’s story/ short story/ creative non-fiction)/ editorial opinion
  • Unpublished Manuscripts (Poetry/Novels/ Novellas)
  • Published Books including e-books


NB.  Updates to Submission Process

  1. First, you must go online HERE to complete and submit your form(s).
  2. Then, mail or deliver (4) physical copies of your work as outlined in the rules by 4:30pm on the deadline date.
  3. A printed copy of the autoresponder email MUST accompany the (4) physical copies delivered or mailed by 4:30 p.m on the deadline date

So, read & re-read all the rules carefully, fine tune that unpublished work and get on it!

Submission Highlights

  • For Children, Adult (Intermediate), Adult (Amateurs) and Adult (Professionals)
  • Work exploring any theme accepted but should primarily reflect contact with the Barbadian or Caribbean environment
  • Work is judged blindly (no names on scripts), except published work
  • ONE form per entrant. (Put ALL your subs on ONE form.)
  • All entries MUST be unpublished (except book entries) and original.
  • Plagiarism is taken VERY seriously. Parents/ teachers GUIDE rather than do the work for the juniors.
  • Work must be entered in quadruplicate (4 copies of each) with the entrant’s name appearing ONLY on the form.
  • If entering more than one category (ie. poetry & prose), all work must be entered by the earliest deadline
  • Entries may come from Professionals and Non-Professionals (Individuals/ Schools/ Groups)
  • Junior Entries are accepted from children aged 7 and older.  Junior entrants (under 18) must be signed by a parent, guardian or teacher.
  • Group entries must be witnessed with 1 other signature.
  • Several special Incentive PRIZES include the annual Prime Minister’s Scholarship (valued at BDS$25,000.00) and The HIV AIDS Awareness Prize (BDS$750) +more
  • Recommended winning work will be published in an anthology

Deadlines for entries by 4:30 pm as below:

  • Published Books – Friday, August 3rd 2018
  • Adult Prose Entries – Friday, August 3rd 2018
  • Adult Poetry Entries – Friday, August 10th 2018
  • Adult Script Entries (plays/ screenplays etc) – Friday, August 10th 2018
  • School Entries – Monday, September 17th 2018
  • All Junior Entries – Monday, September 17th 2018

Entries with required copies (4) accepted via: hand or mail by deadline to:

The Chief Executive Officer
National Cultural Foundation
West Terrace
St. James

General Queries re: NIFCA Literary Arts should be referred to:
the Cultural Officer, Literary Arts Ayesha Gibson-Gill
Tel: (246) 417-6625 or email: ayesha-gibson-gill@ncf.bb
 —Seawoman’s 2 cents: Highly recommended for ALL Bajan writers!
PLEASE READ ALL rules thoroughly – more than once.  I recommend printing them so you don’t miss anything. This will ensure you are NOT ineligible.




2 thoughts on “2018 NIFCA Literary Arts Form (Barbados)

  1. I love literary festivals because with all the texting and internet related items many Caribbean people no longer know how to write. I often sigh when I see the poor quality of writing coming from our kids and even adults. The sad thing is they are getting away with it because nobody is paying attention.

    1. Dear fashfitwoman,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! I have to humbly apologize 1st for my tardy response, as I am now playing catch up. I do hope you’re following and find more to inspire you here.

      As to your comment – yes, you’re right. There are plenty of distractions that take away from the quality of good writing generally. When I do work with kids in particular, I emphasize the importance of having great writing skills in this age, which will take them through life. But isn’t it funny that people are really writing MORE than talking to each other? As for literary festivals – man, it’s great to reconnect with old friends and make new ones with like-minded artists.
      Please share with me where you hail from and how you found me!

      Yours creatively, Seawoman 🙂

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