It’s Our Blogaversary!

April 10th 2017 – It’s the start of an online celebration recognizing 10 years of blogging for Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing Opps!  Can you imagine? AND in the same month as World Book Day and Copyright Day on April 23rd!

Just what is a #blogaversary anyway?

Well, if you can believe it, I DID not make it up; it’s actually in the Urban Dictionary defined as “the anniversary of one’s first blog post”. So, this is a big deal!

Just to  be clear, I actually started working on this blog and made it public from April 10th 2007 with the first official post on April 26th 2007. So…think of this like me giving birth on April 10th but not getting to the registry for the official birth certificate for the newborn until April 26th 🙂 Also, just like the experience of being a parent, I am guilty of making mistakes, learning via trial and error and was relieved to find a sounding board in others doing the same: bloggers and writers – especially since it was fairly new in my region then.  Mostly, I am VERY proud about how my child evolved and taught me so much about myself.

The main goals for this blog still hold true:

  • to network with international publishers/ contest administrators and other writers
  • to have an online home for the tools and international opps I’ve curated and even in some cases, experienced successfully (i.e. was published)
  • to educate writers especially newbies, about their rights re: intellectual property
  • to develop a forum for Caribbean writers, since we are fairly under-represented
  • to stop driving my writing friends nuts with frequent email about opps I’ve found
  • to harness information gathered throughout computer crashes as well as life’s ups and downs

Though primarily for writers, I began to realize as I curated, just how many journals were seeking work from #visualartists and #photographers, like the very first post in 2007 to The Capilano Review (Canada). It was pretty brief  and doesn’t have images – like many of my early posts – BUT it is still active b) shows the power of Seawoman Archive and Search dropdown boxes (widget to the right) c) is a paying market for international writers! I’ll definitely be updating this post by fleshing it out later but for now,  I want to leave it in its newbie blogger state. NB. this prestigious journal seeks poetry, fiction (solicited), and visual art.

Passion by Quinn Dombrowski Flickrr CCommons
Photo: CC “Passion” by Quinn Dombrowski | Flickr

It’s been quite a trek but those of you who blog, you know at the core, it must come from passion! That’s what not just #writing, but sharing what I’m learning represents for me.

So FOLLOW to be the first to READ Part II of my special #blogaversary post this month; to find out more about this blog’s journey including milestones and some of the amazing people I’ve met. Also:

It is still so very important to be selective in what you include in your portfolio. I hope Seawoman has helped you to do that.

As the month progresses, let me know if you’re enjoying this #seawomanblogaversary and how you found out about it.

Creativity & Blessings!

© 2017 Sandra Sealy

Twist Out Redhead San 300pixels BW
Sandra Sealy – Founder Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing Opps

*Sandra Sealy is Principal Consultant & Writer for Seawoman Creative Media, an award-winning literary artist and Founder of Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing Opps.

Blogaversary E-Card Design: Seawoman Creative Media| Photo: CCommons Jacqui Brown/ Flickrr

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