“Black Knight” – Winston Farrell (Barbados)

Watch dynamic Winston Farrell as he performs his classic spoken-word/ dub chant piece “Black Knight”. Yes, the rhythm is catchy but listen to the powerful message in the poem!

Award-winning author & poet, pioneering Bajan spoken-word artist, theatre development specialist, producer and all-round cultural activist (we could go on…believe me!) Winston Farrell, is a consummate Caribbean artist who always settles for nothing less than excellence – someone I’m proud to call my friend and an artist I admire greatly.

Influenced by the late Bruce St. John and our esteemed griot  Kamau Brathwaite, Farrell is one of the early members of VOICES: Barbados Writers’ Collective.

In addition to his award-winning collections of poems ‘Bustin The Blues‘ (2011), ‘Call Of The Quarter Master‘ (2006) and  ‘Echoes of Young Blood’, Farrell has been published in literary journals such as Race Today and The Caribbean Writer Journal (the Daily News Prize for poetry). This stellar writer has also published his anthology ‘Crossing Water’ by the Greenfield press NY, Kyk-over-al, July 1991; Trinidadian New Voices and in Banja, created by The NCF and VOICES: Barbados Writers’ Collective. In 2000, has won the third prize in the Frank Collymore Literary Endowment, and in 2002 the Prime Minister’s Award (NIFCA),

He has also released recordings of his rhythm poetry: ‘Red Ribbons’, ‘Lion on the Loose’ and ‘Earth Spirit’ on which the popular Bus Man’ is featured. His CD ‘Rhythm an’ Word-sound’ is a compilation of his two cassette albums.

He holds a MA in Theatre and Development Studies at the University of Leeds.

The Principal of Kickdust Productions, not only passes his artistic torch to the youth in his work .as s a Cultural Arts Officer at the Barbados Youth Service, but does theatre work with our seniors.

You can also hear his thoughts on the state of writing and more about him HERE.

Connect with Farrell via Facebook and Linkedin and as a member of Caribbean Writers.

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