ZiNG: Liat’s Inflight Magazine (UK)

ZiNG (published out of the UK four times a year), is the in-flight magazine for LIAT, the Caribbean Airline.  Its mission is primarily to entertain passengers while they are on LIAT flights, but it seeks to do so well enough that customers will take it home and share it with friends. ZiNG seeks to convey the excitement of all things Caribbean through vivid writing and inspiring photography, backed up by solid facts, expert advice and the very latest news.

Deadline notes:  They start planning each edition over six months before publication.

Readership Highlights: ZiNG is read by passengers on LIAT’s flights between 22 Caribbean countries. About 85% of ZiNG’s readers live and work within the Caribbean

ZiNG magazine welcomes contributions from writers, photographers, and subscribers.  However, they warn you that “opportunities for publication in the magazine are very limited.”

If you would like to tell us about your recent experiences in the Caribbean, pass on your travel tips, or comment on anything you’ve read in ZiNG magazine, you may send us a letter by post or email to the following addresses:
Letters to the Editor, ZiNG magazine
4 Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common, Oxfordshire OX9 2NZ, United Kingdom
NB: When contacting us by post, please include your email address and telephone number.


If you would like to contribute articles or photos to ZiNG magazine, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the publication and that you read these guidelines carefully to the end.   If there’s anything else you need to know before submitting your ideas, then please email the editor.

Click HERE for FULL Writers’ Guidelines.


If you are offered an assignment, it will be confirmed in writing.  Unless specified otherwise they will require first rights for the use of your material in all present and future forms of ZiNG – magazine, website, CD ROM etc – worldwide. They also ask that work commissioned by ZiNG is not offered to any competing publication, in any medium, within six months of your acceptance of our assignment. If your work is to be published elsewhere please advise them so that we can plan accordingly.  You will remain the copyright owner of any original material submitted. You must supply full attribution details for any material submitted which is not your original work.

The fee payable for a commissioned assignment will be fixed, in UK pounds sterling or United States dollars, at the time that the work is commissioned.  Payment will be made post-publication. A copy of the magazine containing your work will be sent to you along with a letter requesting your invoice for the agreed fee. Invoices are settled within 30 days in the agreed currency (any bank fees or loss in exchange are borne by the contributor).


Features: content, style and tone
Your work must be:
• bright, original, vivid, evocative and cliche-free
• accurate, authentic, informative, authoritative and independent-minded
It should communicate:
• a sense of adventure
• a curiosity about, and respect for, political, cultural, social and environmental concerns
• a powerful impression of your personal experiences – preferably things you have done, rather than just things you have seen
It should include:
• a compelling hook and a dynamic argument or plot which keeps our readers reading right to the end
• fresh information that our readers are unlikely to find elsewhere, or:
• an original approach to, or angle on, a better-known subject
Wherever relevant and feasible, you should introduce readers to people you have encountered


Photography: composition, formats and captions
If you intend to supply photographs, make sure:
• your pictures of places tell a story by recording actions or events or highlighting significant or unexpected details – i.e. they do more than simply showing what the place looks like
• your pictures of people convey a sense of who they are through their expression, behaviour, location, or the people and objects around them – i.e. they’re as meaningful as possible
• you provide detailed captions and tell us what part your pictures may play in the article in which they will appear
Preferred format: high resolution, professional-quality digital images (jpeg or tiff).

Send queries and  by post or email to the following address:

The Editor, ZiNG magazine
4 Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common
Oxfordshire OX9 2NZ, United Kingdom
NB: When contacting by post, please include your email address and telephone number.



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