100,000 Poets For Change (Barbados)


100,000 Poets For Change: Every September, poets across the planet, gather in a demonstration/celebration of poetry to promote serious social, environmental, and political change.  For this 2013 performance, you might see a few familiar faces like (captured in the screen grab) Katherine Felix – Co-ordinator for LXP.

In 2011, Barbados, one of the few Caribbean nations (including  Jamaica, Cuba, Dominica and The Bahamas) to participate, was co-ordinated by award-winning author, rhythm poet and theatre practitioner Winston Farrell.

3 thoughts on “100,000 Poets For Change (Barbados)

  1. Thanks for sharing Sandra… we had some excellent pieces performed, and even a visit from Zana for the children. It was refreshing to be able to get support from the private sector for the event, and again, I have to thank Goddard’s Enterprises, the Goddard’s Sports Club and Caribbean Label Crafts for helping with the venue and technical costs, as well as Eric Julien of Perspective Studios who did the filming and editing. The challenge remains however, to make a difference, as artists, on a daily basis- not just once a year when we “speak” and perform about the issues we would like to see changed.

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