11th Annual St. Martin Bookfair (St. Martin)

st martin book fair 2013The 11th Annual St. Martin Bookfair (founded in 2003) is presented by Conscious Lyrics Foundation and House of Nehesi Publishers in collaboration with the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau, and the University of St. Martin.

Events including book launches, a cultural evening and workshops, take place from Thursday May 30th to Saturday June 1st 2013.

 St. Martin Writer Randall Robinson, will be delivering the keynote address.  Other writers include Garfield Ellis (Jamaica/Canada), Wanal Selbonne (Guadeloupe), Robin Boasman (St. Martin) and more.

Bookfair News

Download your Invitation to the St. Martin Bookfair 2013

Bookfair Co-ordinator: Shujah Reiph

Bookfair Contact: (590) 690.30.73.66, houseofnehesipublish@gmail.com, houseofnehesipublish.com.


Sources: The Bajan Reporter and House Of Nehesi Publishers

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