PAYDAY Movie Trailer (Barbados)

Official Movie Trailer #1 for “Payday” -a Barbadian comedy-drama/buddy film showcasing a raw slice of Barbadian community life – premiered on September 4th 2013 at the Olympus Theatres in #Barbados.

“Payday” the award-winning Bajan film is finally available on DVD at Amazon! See for more details or the Bajans In Motion’s Facebook page. Available NOW! Produced by Bajans In Motion Inc, this  MUST be mentioned since:

PAYDAY one of the few (if any) feature-length Bajan films that is a comedy

  • with innovative marketing (eg. Moving Posters)
  • was shot in ONE WEEK
  • with action minded professional principals (Shakirah Bourne/ Ricky Redman/ Selwyne Browne) and artists came together to make it happen
  • has been shown in Barbados, Cuba, Trinidad, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam and London
  • has won awards including Best Scriptwriting, Best Actor, Best Support Actor & Best Feature length Film (BFVA)
  • designed as a trilogy (Look out for NEXT PAYDAY in 2015 – just shot in July 2014)

PAYDAY -a Barbadian comedy-drama/buddy film showcasing a raw slice of Barbadian community life. IMDB link

Director: Selwyne Browne   Writer: Shakirah Bourne   Producer: Marc Gibson

Romie, an aspiring mechanic and ladies man, with his brutally honest best friend Pack, invest their entire salaries in a down-payment on a garage. Their goal: to establish a successful mechanic’s shop to get away from their boring jobs as security guards, their loving yet eccentric and demanding families, and poor standard of living in their village – Pickletons. Their simple task of making the down-payment to the garage owner at the village lime that night is hilariously complicated by Romie’s love-life, and Pack’s love for cannabis. The complications and laughs multiply as the best friends go to extremes to avoid violent drug men, a charity collector, crazy ex-girlfriends and other wacky villagers.

**Seawoman’s 2 Cents:  Proud to have made my screen acting debut (Mrs. Taylor) in the supporting role in this award-winning & trendsetting Bajan film. (NB. the END of the trailer). 😛

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