Read-In Radio (Barbados)

Image READ-IN Radio is an evolution of the bi-monthly parish-by-parish community READ-In sessions by the Literary Arts desk of the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados.

According to Cultural Officer, Literary Arts – Ayesha Gibson-Gill, “READ IN! RADIO’s FIRST episode will air this SUNDAY April 28th 2013! Listen out Read In Radio every final Sunday of the month on Q100.7 FM at 1:30 PM and 98.1 The One at 7 PM, repeated on Wednesday on 94.7 FM at 5:45 PM and Q100.7 FM at 7:45 PM.

Also, our ‘virtual open mic’ WORDS of ART, is NOW OPEN for submissions for our MAY episode.”


  • Open to all writers from Barbados and the Caribbean
  • The selection of pieces is made by the NCF.
  • Segment is 2 minutes long, therefore ensure your choice of entries (pieces and excerpts) meet this time
  • Submissions to be made via email to: with the subject WORDS OF ART and the current month, E.G WORDS OF ART May
  •  Remember to add your name, contact information, and a few words on yourself along with the submitted work.
  • Work must be “radio-friendly”…

In other words, as Ayesha expressed so aptly: that is, if it’s brilliant but you cussing a blue streak…don’t expect to hear it on the people dem radiuh!”



Ayesha Gibson-Gill

Cultural Officer, Literary Arts

*Seawoman’s 2 cents – EXCELLENT and novel opp. to promote yourself as a writer and your work.



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