“Improv” – Robert Gibson aka ‘Passion’ (Barbados)

Bajan performance poet Robert Gibson aka Passionpoet
Bajan performance poet Robert Gibson aka Passionpoet

Click HERE to see him perform “Improv” in Boston.

Bajan poet Robert R. Gibson – known to me personally as “De Luuuv Man” (as a member of VOICES: Barbados Writers’ Collective)  and one of my writing protégés, but now familiarly called “PassionPoet or Passion, for short” – has grown as a writer.  Here, as this performance poet spreads his wings internationally @ an Open Mic session in Boston, the musicians really feel his expression too, as they join in with a groovy reggae beat.

In Barbados, Robert is quite supportive of Open Mic sessions like Iron Sharpen Iron events, Citrus Book & Poetry Night and those of the National Cultural Foundation.

Gibson, who’s working on his first anthology,  “enjoys painting sensual images with his words, leading his audience into a sensory experience.”  However, this award-winning (NIFCA) young writer does point out, “Passion is not always about sex…[it] is anger, sorrow, enthusiasm…”

In his blog, Poet: Whispers, this devoted family man offers his poetic musings on the page.

Photograph Copyright © Andrew Browne Photography, 2012

You can also connect with Robert via Facebook and Twitter and as a member of Caribbean Writers and the League of Extraordinary Poets (LXP) 


6 thoughts on ““Improv” – Robert Gibson aka ‘Passion’ (Barbados)

  1. Thanks so much Sandra … I always saw you as a great friend and mentor … you opened up my love for the stage at VOICES … my first ever feature was in the Luuuuuve month of February … And here again you are opening doors for me 🙂 Thank you sooo much …. will continue to grow with mentors like you around!

    1. Robert, it is a pleasure and well-deserved. I’m even MORE thrilled that you’re continuing the journey by mentoring burgeoning writers YOURSELF. Encourage them to aim for excellence…like you!

      Seawoman (aka Lit Mom to YOU!)

  2. Reblogged this on Poet: Whispers and commented:
    I have been featured in my friend Sandra Sealy’s blog SEAWOMAN’S CARIBBEAN WRITING OPPS…. along with my first ever international poetry performance – on a stage in Boston! Check it out!

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