Outlish Magazine (Cbean ezine)

Outlish.com is “a Caribbean, online, weekly, lifestyle magazine that is written for, by, and about Caribbean people in their 20s to mid 40s, based regionally and abroad. We religiously publish original content every Monday.” Its roots are in Trinidad but they are open to work from regional writers.

They seek regular contributors but are prepared to work with you if you need more flexibility.

Guidelines for Contributors: :(CLICK HERE to see the website for full details.)


They are looking for people who:

  1. have a natural talent and passion for writing.
  2. aren’t afraid to be opinionated.
  3. can write with thoughtfulness, wit, and personality.
  4. know how to make people smile, laugh, nod their head, or stroke their real/imaginary beards, while reading Outlish.
  5. understand the Outlish voice, style, approach, and brand.
  6. can handle  constructive criticism, which is meant to help them to grow as a writer, and produce quality work.
  7. are reliable and punctual with deadlines.

FEES:  Monetary compensation is NOT offered presently but they hope to pay writers in the future.

Seawoman’s note: Though you are not currently paid for contributing, it IS an excellent way to build your writing credits and get a by-line in the region.

**Thanks to Bajan writer, Robert Gibson aka “PassionPoet” for sharing this. 🙂

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