St. Somewhere Journal (Cbean ezine)

St. Somewhere Journal created by Randy Baker of Jamaica, is “an online literary journal with a focus on the broader Caribbean Basin region. Our primary mission is to present works from, about or inspired by this geographic region, its peoples and cultures. Secondary emphasis will be placed on works of an international nature, or with more general appeal.  There are many online literary journals and magazines, but St. Somewhere Journal hopes to help fill an under served niche in the writing market. Literature from the Caribbean region has relatively few viable outlets, despite its rich history and large potential audience.”

They are now seeking submissions for January 2013 – Deadline:  December 1 2012

EDITOR: Randy Baker

Guidelines for submissions:(CLICK HERE to see the website and Submissions Tab for full details.)


All submissions should be sent via email to: editor AT

  • Subject lines should be formatted as follows:
  • Submission – Fiction
  • Submission – Poetry
  • Submission – Art

Other submission notes

Include your name (no internet “screen names”) and a brief bio of no more than 150 words. If you have a website related to your writing or art, please provide a link. Please include all of this information in both the body of your email, as well as in any attached documents.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but we expect an immediate notification if your work has been accepted elsewhere. Previously published work is not generally accepted, though exceptions may be made, particularly for previously self-published work (including personal websites)

SEAWOMAN’S NOTE: Highly recommended – We first  posted about this arts ezine in 2010 and I’ve had the honour of having my work published there. The Journal has been on a bit of a hiatus (Like Seawoman!) but is now accepting submissions.  The Editor is quite approachable.

5 thoughts on “St. Somewhere Journal (Cbean ezine)

  1. Hey Sandra, thank you for bringing all of these literary opportunities to us. When I saw the one for St. Somewhere I was intrigued and I entered both a piece of artwork and two short stories and two poems. As they were taking artwork as well, I encouraged my soulmate Tracy (DeOlivere) to submit some of his pieces as well – his included photography, digital art and also fine art.

    Well about three weeks ago Randy Baker (Editor) contacted me and said that he would be using two of my pieces, and my artwork (a surprise is in store here so you gotta wait til April 7) and he also will be using some of Tracy’s pieces.

    What is ironic is that he had quite good things to say about my work (considering what others have said) and this gave me encouragement. It only goes to show that sometimes when you enter competitions and ‘fail’ you would only be failing if you stop writing or painting and stop getting your work out there.

    The art is within us and its value is increased ten-fold when we share it.

    Thank you Sandra, and for those of you who do not get your work out there….get up off your tush and start submitting… you may be pleasantly surprised.

    Blessings to all


    1. Cher:
      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience. Sometimes I feel like I’m working in a vacuum and the direct feedback re this blog is very helpful.

      RE: St. Somewhere – When I found it a few years ago, I was equally intrigued but was pleasantly surprised by Randy’s responsiveness, professionalism and warmth.

      You’re absolutely right – love how you acknowledged how important it is for us NOT let a ‘no’ (or several of them) stop us from submitting work.

      “The art is within us and its value is increased ten-fold when we share it.” – (sounds like a Cher Corbin original) what a BEAUTIFUL quote and so true!

      So happy for you and “Mr. T”. 🙂

  2. So proud of you, Robert! Let me know what happens. Meanwhile check past posts AND look for some more opps using the SEARCH BOX (eg. of tag words that would help you: journal/ poetry/ anthology)


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