Caribbean Chapters Publishing (Barbados)

Caribbean Chapters is a small (and excellent) publisher based in Barbados.  They “seek out impactful stories about Caribbean life. Caribbean people are unique, colourful, interesting and energetic. Their ancestries and ethnicities are very diverse and they share a rich and turbulent history.”

They offer copy-editing, style and structural editing, story editing, ghost writing, book jacket and book block design and layout, print brokering, marketing materials and author representation. If you are a new author and you want to dust off your manuscripts, whether it be a short story, novel, children’s story or comic, they can help you make cost-effective choices for getting your work in print.  They work with authors throughout the editorial and manuscript development process.

You’ll be joining the celebrated company of Dr. Cynthia Wilson, Dr. Viola Davis, Alvin Cummins and Nahdjla Bailey.

Read the manuscript submission guidelines and FAQs carefully.  NB. They do NOT accept unsolicited manuscripts.

You may email the Publisher Carol Pitt directly from the website for your queries etc.

Caribbean Chapters Publishing
PO BOX 4133

Tel: (246) 425-2402

One thought on “Caribbean Chapters Publishing (Barbados)

  1. Thanks for the great plug Ms. Seawoman. This is just to officially announce that Caribbean Chapters Publishing will be undergoing a drastic restructuring in mid – 2011 in order to take control of the sales and marketing aspect of our service.

    This means that we will therefore be opening a small bookstore to facilitate the sale of books… we need to see our readers and keep in touch.


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