St. Somewhere (Cbean ezine)

St. Somewhere is an online literary journal with a focus on the Caribbean region, as well as the Coastal Southern United States. They’ve noted that “there are many online literary journals and magazines, but St. Somewhere hopes to help fill an underserved niche in the writing market. Literature from the Caribbean region has relatively few viable outlets, despite its rich history and large potential audience.”

They welcome  “all genres, though [they] lean toward what is typically referred to as literary.”  They also seek visual art.

RATE: non-paying at the moment but eligible for annual St. Somewhere prizes and Pushcart Prize (and worthwhile when you see the contributors included.)

NB. Editorial Calendar changes below:

July 2010 will be the last monthly issue of St. Somewhere. However, we are NOT ceasing operations. There are still a limited number of poems needed for the July issue. Submissions for the July issue will be considered until July 1, 2010.

With the conclusion of the July 2010 issue, St. Somewhere will be transitioning to a quarterly publication schedule. New issues will be published seasonally, every three months. The first quarterly issue will be published in late October 2010. It will be the Autumn 2010 issue, followed by a Winter 2011 issue and so on.


Our reading period will remain open throughout the year, just as it is now. All submissions not accepted for the July issue will be considered for inclusion in upcoming quarterly issues. The following submission guidelines have been modified to reflect our upcoming publication changes.

All submissions should be sent via email to: editor AT

Read FULL submission guidelines HERE!

*Journal also has a presence.

**Seawoman’s 2 cents: The Editor is quite appreciative of your quality efforts and responds to queries/submissions quickly.  A worthy addition to your writing credits.

5 thoughts on “St. Somewhere (Cbean ezine)

  1. Thanks Seawoman.

    I’m from Canada, of Trinidadian heritage.

    I came across this site, while searching for websites on Caribbean literature.

    1. Jenille,

      Thanks so much for visiting and even more, taking the time to leave feedback. Please let me know if you have success with submissions to St. Somewhere or any other opportunities found here.

      Also, if there are any worthwhile opps. that you think should be added (esp. in relation to the Caribbean), please send it to me for consideration.

      BTW. Where do you hail from and how did you find this site?

      Power from the pen,

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