She Sex Anthology (Trinidad)

Bamboo Talk Press is putting out a call for Caribbean women writers for their forthcoming anthology, “She Sex” “which examines Caribbean women’s views on sexuality as it pertains to religion, race, age, family, culture and sexual orientation.”  This small Caribbean press’ aim is to highlight women living in the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora.

They want poetry, short stories, art and photography.  The payment is a copy of the anthology.

See guidelines HERE.

Deadline: August 25th 2010 – SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED.

Submission queries etc.

Bamboo Talk Press is also on

****Seawoman’s 2 cents: I am always happy to promote Caribbean writing opps that originate from the Caribbean – proud to have my work included.

NB. 2013 Notes: She Sex Anthology will be out by the end of the year.  Contemporary women writers hail from Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Bermuda, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.  Contributors include:

  • Patrice Charles
  • Lisa Allen-Agostini,
  • Carol Hosein
  • Shivana Singh
  •  Krys-Darcelle Dumas
  • Atiya
  • Gilberte
  • Danielle Boodoo-Fortunè
  •  Paula Obè
  • Joanne C. Hillhouse
  • Kavita Vidya Ganness
  •   Nancy Ann Miller
  •  Carlyon Blackman
  • Sandra Sealy
  • Neila Ebanks
  • Cher Corbin
  • Lisa-Marie Brown
  •   Davia Andrews
  • Delesse Francis
  • Rae Voisin
  • Shakirah Bourne
  • Zahra  I Airal
  •  Nicole George
  • Marsha Gomes-McKie
  • Rachael N. Collymore
  • Laytoya Wakefield

Bamboo Talk Press is also offering publishing opportunities to Caribbean writers.  Visit the website.

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