IFRRO and Getting $$ from Copyrighting Your Work

The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organization (IFRRO) seeks to protect your work as a creator – whether as a publisher, writer, photographer, visual or graphic artist.

As long as your work has been published – (not necessarily as a body of work, even just included in a publication – newspaper, magazine, journal, ezine etc.) – you (and your heirs) are entitled to benefit financially from your work.

According to the IFRRO Website, “most printed material is protected by copyright. Copyright provides an exclusive right to authorise or prohibit reproduction. The rights holder can either exercise this right individually or collectively.”

There are currently more than 50 countries and associates of IFRRO.

The Caribbean has 4 RROs (and growing!) including:

  • Barbados Copyright Agency, Inc. (B-COPY) – bcopy246[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Eastern Caribbean Copyright Licensing Association (ECCLA) – coming soon!
  • Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency (JAMCOPY) – www.jamcopy.com
  • Trinidad and Tobago Reprographic Rights Organization (TTRRO) ttrrorg[at]gmail[dot]com

Copyright is an intriguing and complex issue, so read and ask questions.

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