GlassFire Magazine (ezine)

GlassFire Magazine is a quarterly ezine of PegLeg Publishing that accepts work from international writers.

Please only submit 2 pieces of prose and 3 poems orsubmit three pieces of artwork per issue (quarterly, so you can submit 4 times a year)

Simultaneous submissions are fine but advise GlassFire where work was published before.

Current rate is USD$10.00 for stories up to 3,000 words.

DEADLINE: for next issue is December 31, 2012

NOTES FOR NEXT ISSUE: Poetry is normally accepted but this next issue is devoted to fiction writers.

Read guidelines carefully. Email submissions to submissions[at]peglegpublishing[dot]com or send via snail mail.

GlassFire E-zine

PegLeg Publishing, LLC

1612 NW 20th Street

Oklahoma City, OK  73106



NB. Worth your time to submit to editors (Matt Randall and Kristina Brooks) who do respond quickly. Though the rates may seem low, remember there are several anthologies that DO NOT pay. Still, it may be worth your while to offer work that has already been published.

Thanks for responding. You made my day!

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