POUI: The Cave Hill Literary Annual (Barbados)

POUI: The Cave Hill Literary Annual of the University of The West Indies accepts submissions of poetry and prose from Caribbean and extra-regional writers. It is published by the Centre for Language, Linguistics, & Literature.

**NOW An electronic magazine.

The submissions are to be original and unpublished. The entries should NOT bear your name.

Submission length are to be between 1800-5000 words in a MS Word or Wordperfect format as an attachment. It is advisable to include a covering letter with your contact information and the names of your pieces and genres.

POUI retains one-time first publication rights, but when you publish them again, let them know as a matter of courtesy.

NB. Selections are usually made by the end of the year by the Selection Committee and contributors receive a copy.



  • Jane Bryce
  • Mark McWatt
  • Hazel Simmons-McDonald

Contact Angela Trotman for more information by email or telephone at: (246) 417-4404 or via email at angela.trotman@cavehill.uwi.edu.

POUI: The Cave Hill Literary Annual
Centre for Language, Linguistics & Literature
Cave Hill Campus
P.O.Box 64

6 thoughts on “POUI: The Cave Hill Literary Annual (Barbados)

  1. Kindly note the change of EMAIL ADDRESS for the Co-ordinator, Angela Trotman for emailing your submissions:

    Also note that should your submission(s) be accepted, they will require a BRIEF BIO (50-100 words) to be included in the anthology. If you blog, don’t forget to include in your bio!

  2. Hi Malachi:

    Yes. The address is trotman@uwichill.edu.bb.

    I apologize about the wacky link in the post. I’ve corrected it!

    I’ve had work published in POUI already and it’s really a worthwhile addition to your writing credits. Don’t expect a quick response but I assure you, they ALWAYS do.

    Good luck!

    Power from the pen!


    1. Hi Malachi:

      Hope you’ve returned since to see an answer to your query. We’ve got LOTS more going on now. Please have a look around.


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