Soho Press (USA)

Soho Press primarily publishes fiction, with the occasional autobiography or cultural historical account. Completed manuscripts should be 60,000 words or more. While much of the published works arrive here through agents, they place a high priority on publishing quality unsolicited materials from new writers.

Though eager to accept a wide range of literary fiction, they are generally unenthusiastic about publishing formula fiction, young adult dramas, stock romances, juvenile literature, short story collections, cookbooks, how-to books, self-help, fantasy, and anything that might recommend itself as a “quick read.”

NB. They do not consider electronic submissions.

A query letter accompanied by three chapters of a completed work (preferably the first three) and a brief outline of plot events should precede the submission of an entire manuscript. A cover letter listing previous publishing credits should be included with your work.They accept submissions year round. Please accompany all submissions with postage and packing materials sufficient for their return.


Laura Hruska
Soho Press
853 Broadway
New York,
NY 10003

Editorial enquiries only

**NB. They’ve published US-based Barbadian playwright & novelist, Glenville Lovell’s “Song of Night” & “Fire In De Canes” (one of my favourite books) – as well as Edwidge Danticat’s “Breath, Eyes, Memory” which ended up on Oprah’s Book Club.

5 thoughts on “Soho Press (USA)

  1. Dear Glenville,

    Of COURSE I “heard” of your books (LOL) but I didn’t remember the Publisher.

    NB. I’ve edited my endorsement above. Thanks for adding gravitas to it.

    BTW How did you find the Seawoman site? Please leave some feedback on it generally in my guest book! I’d like to add your (with bated breath) positive response to my kudos page as well.

    Great to hear from you and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!


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