Susan Yearwood Literary Agency

Susan Yearwood Literary Agency (SYLA)

Susan Yearwood is a professional literary agent from London, England with Bajan roots making worldwide connections.  She is open, warm and utterly professional.  Above everything, she seeks quality.

The writers of the VOICES: Barbados Writers’ Collectivehad the distinct pleasure of meeting her at our meeting on Friday, August 31st 2007.  If you missed her, you missed an excellent and honest presentation that gave us what we need more than anything: hope.

For her submission guidelineFAQs and other details, visit her site.

2 thoughts on “Susan Yearwood Literary Agency

  1. We are seeking a publisher with you the Imperial Doctrine of Rastafari. This book is a analytical commentary of comtemporary religious philosophy and cultral polilitics in the african diaspora.

    Please give us a call or email us at as soon as possible if you are interest in this best seller.

    784-457-2020 Phone
    784-532-6220 Mobile

    1. So sorry that I missed your post! I’m NOT a publisher but feel free to use this site to source a publisher. Don’t forget to hire an editor as well. This is critical to the success of your publication.

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