Write A Script For An Animated Film

I discovered these great resources while doing a search. Does Your Screenplay Need a Treatment or a Synopsis? by Robin Rowe (article) MOVE IT! Animation Tutorial Basics Script Formatting for Animation by Paul T. Abramson and David D. Williamson.Click HERE for sample. The Screening Room by Laura Brennan offers some thoughts for your story to […]

Charge For Your Writing and Editing Services

This is NOT an exact science but beyond research, I highly recommend touching base with other writers from your community.  Think about your expenses, your time, rights you will be selling and, what YOU bring to the table as far as experience and the amount of research you will be doing.  Give some thought too as to […]

Susan Yearwood Literary Agency

Susan Yearwood Literary Agency (SYLA) Susan Yearwood is a professional literary agent from London, England with Bajan roots making worldwide connections.  She is open, warm and utterly professional.  Above everything, she seeks quality. The writers of the VOICES: Barbados Writers’ Collectivehad the distinct pleasure of meeting her at our meeting on Friday, August 31st 2007.  If […]