Literary Cottage Anthology Series

Literary Cottage is compiling a new anthology series for Adams Media featuring uplifting, original, true stories about the experiences and relationships that inspired and enriched our lives, namely those with our mothers, our fathers, and our teachers (also mother figures, father figures, and mentors). These true, original slice-of-life stories will be written by people from […]

The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (Ireland)

The  International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award DOES €100,000 SOUND ATTRACTIVE TO YOU?   **NB. Nominations of novels must be made by National Libraries.  We in the Caribbean ARE ELIGIBLE!  The prize is awarded annually to a novel of “high literary merit” published in English, where  the original language is English or the work is translated into English,  published in the […]

The Oldie (UK)

The Oldie A monthly general-interest magazine with an irreverent and strongly humorous slant, reflecting attitudes of older people but aimed at a wide audience. Considers unsolicited articles on any subject, but particularly interested in pieces for our ‘I Once Met’, ‘Olden Life’ and ‘Expat Life’ columns. No poetry, and short stories only very rarely. Potential […]

Big Pond Rumour’s 3rd Issue Contest (Canadian ezine)

Big Pond Rumour Publishing Big Pond Rumour Publishing is “dedicated to supporting quality in contemporary writing in three genres: poetry, story, and essay.”  It comes out twice annually-deadlines are June and December.  The ezine is free. Publishing and cash prizes for this Contest.  Submissions from international writers be sent via email or snail mail.  See submission […]

Short Talk (MP3 Recording Opp for Short Story Writers)

**For all of you short story writers, this looks like an innovative and PAYING OPP. (Bonus: You are paid in ₤ (pounds) Must try this myself. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully at the site. *********************************************** SHORT TALK, UK Contact: Mike Adams. Email: Description: A newly-created web site offering recordings of short […]