National Independence Festival Of Creative Arts (Barbados)

The National Cultural Foundation of Barbados (NCF) hosts the National Independence Festival Of Creative Arts NIFCA celebrating Barbados’ anniversary of Independence via the arts: music, culinary, drama/speech, visual and of course literary. It has been launched for the last few years in September culminating in December, at the Awards Ceremony at Ilaro Court, The Prime Minister’s Residence. Contact the NCF for the annual schedule.

Forms are available from the NCF, Queen’s Park or upon request via email from Cultural Officer, Literary Arts – Ayesha Gibson-Gill (


Eligibility: Entrants must be Barbadian whether based in Barbados or overseas.

Final deadlines for literary arts are by the end of August.

For further information you may also call the Cultural Officer, Literary Arts at (246) 424-0909 Extn. 232

9 thoughts on “National Independence Festival Of Creative Arts (Barbados)

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  2. Where on earth can one get application forms. I am overseas and I find that almost every year I have difficulty. By now there should be an easily accessible/ available/ located site which can be downloaded without a problem and an easter egg hunt. Please help.

    1. Hi Maggie:

      First of all SORRY I took so long. Somehow I missed your post. Unfortunately entries are closed for this year. But it’s not too early let to really polish up your work for 2013, since the bar is set pretty high.

      When in doubt, contact the Literary Arts Officer- who is now Ayesha Gibson-Gill @ She’d be happy to email it to you.

      Also, stay in touch with writers in Barbados by contacting me: joining FB Caribbean Writer or contacting me here.
      I agree they should make it easier to download but at the moment the NCF website seems to still be down. Budgets are tight (that’s probably why). I can relate since I used to work there.

      **Actually if you remind me for next year, a solution would be for me to get the electronic copy and upload it HERE! 🙂

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