PAYDAY Movie Trailer (Barbados)

Official Movie Trailer #1 for “Payday” -a Barbadian comedy-drama/buddy film showcasing a raw slice of Barbadian community life – premiered on September 4th 2013. Produced by Bajans In Motion Inc, this  MUST be mentioned as a Feature since:

PAYDAY one of the few (if any) feature length Bajan films that is a comedy

  • with innovative marketing (eg. Moving Posters)
  • was shot in ONE WEEK
  • with action minded professional principals (Shakirah Bourne/ Ricky Redman/ Selwyne Browne) and artists came together to make it happen
  • designed as a trilogy (Look out for NEXT PAYDAY – just shot in July 2014)

PAYDAY -a Barbadian comedy-drama/buddy film showcasing a raw slice of Barbadian community life – is produced by Let’s Do This Filmz. 

Director: Selwyne Browne   Writer: Shakirah Bourne   Producer: Marc Gibson

Romie, an aspiring mechanic and ladies man, with his brutally honest best friend Pack, invest their entire salaries in a down-payment on a garage. Their goal: to establish a successful mechanic’s shop to get away from their boring jobs as security guards, their loving yet eccentric and demanding families, and poor standard of living in their village – Pickletons. Their simple task of making the down-payment to the garage owner at the village lime that night is hilariously complicated by Romie’s love-life, and Pack’s love for cannabis. The complications and laughs multiply as the best friends go to extremes to avoid violent drug men, a charity collector, crazy ex-girlfriends and other wacky villagers.

**Seawoman’s 2 Cents:  Proud to have made my screen acting debut in the supporting role in this award-winning & trendsetting Bajan film. (NB. the END of the trailer). :P

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